ChatGPT for Doctors: Now ready to use, customized to each doctor

Start using ChatGPT for Doctors. Customize and feed with your data, and ChatGPT learns from your profile to give you personalized recommendations using GenAI.

ChatGPT for Doctors: Now ready to use, customized to each doctor
Karthik Kamalakannan

Karthik Kamalakannan

Founder and CEO

What if we can put the power of ChatGPT for Doctors? What if ChatGPT can be used to help doctors make better decisions? What if the generated results using AI for doctors can be personalized to each doctor? That’s what we are doing here.

In this post, let me quickly explain how we are approaching GenAI for Doctors, and how you can start using it for your practice.

The “What if” of GenAI for Doctors

Before we begin working on any business or industry challenge, we always ask a lot of “What if” questions. This helps us understand the problem better, and also help us understand the possibilities of solving the problem using technology without limits.

Here are some of the “What if” questions we asked ourselves before we started working on ChatGPT for Doctors:

This is what we are solving with Skcript’s S1 AI for ChatGPT for Doctors.

Introducing S1 AI ChatGPT for Doctors

For the last decade, Skcript is known for building software for business critical people with no compromise on security and privacy. Today, we are taking this to the next level in helping the greatest people of all time - doctors.

It is heartwarming to see how doctors are working tirelessly to save lives of millions of people, which influences an entire generation, and we want to help them in the best way we can. We’re best at building insanely great technology solutions, and S1 AI for Doctors is our way of helping doctors.

S1 AI for Doctors is a GenAI solution that is built with privacy, security, and personalization in mind specifically for doctors. It is built on top of our own Large Language Model (LLM), that is trained on millions of publicly available records, and then fine-tuned to be used for doctors.

Here’s what doctors can do with S1 AI for Doctors:

  1. Ability to upload their own documents to train the model for your account.
  2. Ability to collaborate with other doctors on a topic.
  3. Ability to get personalized recommendations for your patients.
  4. Ability to quickly get important points from a research paper.

Where is S1 AI for Doctors hosted?

S1 AI for Doctors can be hosted at a Doctor’s home, hospital, or anywhere they prefer. It is a compact device that can be installed at your place of preference and customized for your speciality in a matter of minutes.

S1 AI for Doctors is one of the safest, carefully crafted, and privacy-first LLM trained to be the ChatGPT for Doctors that can be trusted to get personalized recommendations for you queries.

With S1 AI for Doctors, you can cut down your research and development time from 30 minutes to under 30 seconds, along with citations and references.

How can I get started with S1 AI for Doctors?

Simple. Reach out to us, and schedule a demo with us. We will help you with the rest.