How to get to work at Skcript

Skcript is an insanely great people-first company. The basis of Skcript is to be a platform for great people to build their dream career, and here is how to apply and get to work at Skcript.

How to get to work at Skcript
Karthik Kamalakannan

Karthik Kamalakannan

Founder and CEO

Every year, we get hundreds of applications from people who want to be a part of Skcript. Skcript, unlike other companies, is a non-hierarchical people-first company. If we are people-first, even though we have an appetite to hire more people, why do we not hire more people from the applications we get? What do these applications miss that we are looking for?

To make things simpler, let me tell you how you can land a job at Skcript, and how uncomplicated the process is.

We never interview, we talk to you

We do not believe in sitting in front of you and go through a set of tough questions. Instead, we believe in sitting next to you, and understanding what you passion is, and seeing the world from your eyes. Dramatic, yeah? But that’s how it is to talk to someone at Skcript.

Video more than paper document

If you are keen on landing an internship or a job at Skcript, just record yourself on a Loom or something similar, and shoot an email to us with the video. Just talk to us directly if you not great at writing things down on a paper. It’s okay.

Show don’t tell

If you are saying “I am great at designing interfaces”, show it to us. Just push your laptop screen towards us, and let us expeirence your passion and work. That is fast, efficient, and when you are passionate, you automatically start telling the viewer (us) why you did what you did.

Tell us about your purpose

Talk to us about who you are, where you came from, and where you are headed in life. We are a collective, a group of people with different scales of dreams at Skcript. We respect each one of your dream, and Skcript is a platform to help people get to their dreams while making money. Utilize that.

Just go for it

Don’t overthink and over complicate your interview or thinking about us. Just go for it. Just reach out to us, talk to us, just be honest and open about what you are looking for. That is all that we need.

We work with people and pay them to do what they love. Skcript is a very simple, uncomplicated, people-first company. It has been this way for the past 10 years, and it will stay this way for the next 100. Just go to our careers page, and apply. Don’t think. Just do.