Culture that inspires.

People above everything else. Our success formula is our people. You have an unweavering passion? Skcript is your place.

Careers at Skcript

We begin where others give up.

Great technology is one that solves a complex problem. It exists in ways that are not obvious to the users' eyes. It is the result of a lot of thinking, and a lot of execution by some of the best people in the world. We are obsessed with solving problems with technology — whether it exists or not.

We have evolved as technologists since 2013, and our culture is a reflection of the learnings, bravery, and passion that we have experienced over the years.

We believe that a company culture as an unexplainable value system that is felt, rather than read.

Simple. Elegant. Trustworthy.

Skcript is an insanely good collaborative company. Whether we are 100 people, or 10, there are no communities, groups, or divisions. Just one company working towards our mission. We achieve this by working with the right people who are trustworthy, and the ones who trust others to do the right thing for the company.

Run by ideas

Any decision we make at Skcript is defined by the idea. Great ideas succeed at Skcript — no matter who it comes from. We are obsessed with ideas, and we are obsessed with executing them.

Care deeply

How do you create a positive impact on the world? You care deeply about what you put out there. We care deeply about whatever we build, and before we ship, we take a moment to pause, take a step back, and admire the work we have done.

The moment we feel we have done something really great, is when we ship things.

Cheer for others

This is how it feels when you work at Skcript:

What does your gut say? Does it say Skcript is the right place for you? Join us.