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Know how to write a copy for landing pages and get to know what is the best way to do that easily in this ebook written by the engineers at Skcript.

We’re looking for an experienced design leader to grow our design team in London, while also continuing to be an individual contributor. Together we’ll build both great products and a great team.

As the leader of the design team, you’ll provide mentorship and support to the other designers in your studio with one-on-ones and reviews. You'll also be working to grow the design team, our design reputation in London, attracting great projects, and working inbound opportunities. You’ll work together with the Managing Director, and global thoughtbot leadership, to manage the business and success of the studio.


Well-qualified candidates will have experience with consulting, and have a proven track record of attracting potential customers.

Thoughtbot designers are fully capable of creating great visual design as well as doing great product design and user experience, and then implementing their designs. As the leader of the design team, you should be very experienced in at least one of these areas.

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