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Stabilize your products with Code Audits

Creating a bug-free product takes time and effort from multiple engineering teams. Let us help you with Code Audits to see how we can improve your code quality to global standards and the infrastructure to support it.

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Why Code Audits

  • Stabilize your code
  • Find performance improvements
  • Reduce code churn
  • Find vulnerabilities
  • Improve test coverage

What we audit

  • Code quality at source
  • Code organization
  • PR reviews
  • Organizational interviews
  • Training & upskilling

How we audit

  • Fully remote
  • Pair Programming
  • Weekly reviews
  • Automated tests & benchmarking
  • Product feature evaluation

How long does code audit take

Weekly Review

Weekly reviews allow us to audit your entire product's code-base for stability, performance and so much more. Weekly reviews also gives you detailed documentation of the code audit with current code, suggestions and improvements.

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Rapid Review

Our clients who want quick fixes and urgent fixes to their product come to us for a Rapid Review. It is a one-day process that goes from identidying, to fixing the issues we find in your code for your product's stability.

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