Company News / 20 December, 2023

Skcript announces investments in Generative AI solutions

Skcript announces investments in Generative AI solutions for enterprises, to implement AI faster.

Skcript announces investments in Generative AI solutions

Dubai, UAE & Chennai, India — Skcript today announced investments in building pre-packaged and highly customizable Generative AI solutions for enterprises to help clients across all industries to use AI solutions faster.

"The investments we're making today will transform the way enterprises implement custom AI solutions. Helping clients implement faster business solutions is at the core of what we do at Skcript. We're getting started with a GenAI Workflow tools for enterprises, and there's so much more to come." said Karthik Kamalakannan, Founder & CEO of Skcript.

The investment in AI makes Skcript a strong player in the enterprise AI implementation space. Skcript has been working with enterprises to implement AI enabled solutions since 2015, and has positioned itself as a unique leader in the space. Today's announcement is a step forward for Skcript in developing new strategies, operating models, and business cases for AI:

  • Skcript will invest in infrastructure, ventures, talent, and ecosystem partnerships to deepen our stance in the AI space.

  • Skcript will pre-build some of the most common AI solutions for enterprises, to reduce the go-live time for such solutions from months to weeks.

  • Skcript will create programs for AI readiness across verticals to enable deploying talent to build AI solutions faster.

  • Skcript will invest in building strong ecosystem relationships with AI vendors to reinvent the way enterprises implement AI solutions.

"AI will be the new default for many businesses over the next decade, and the technology is not a pipe dream anymore. Skcript's investments in AI changes the way we do business in a fundamental way. I'm excited to see what my team would build in the coming months, and how we can help our clients implement AI solutions faster." said Karthik.

About Skcript

Skcript is a global technology consulting company, helping enterprises build GenAI solutions for their business. The company has been working with enterprises in the Middle East, Europe, and the United States to help them build GenAI solutions for their business. Skcript is also known for its speed, efficiency, and fast delivery.

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