Skcript announces GenAI implementation services for enterprises

Skcript announced venture into GenAI implementation services for enterprises.

Skcript announces GenAI implementation services for enterprises
Karthik Kamalakannan

Karthik Kamalakannan

Founder and CEO

Dubai, UAE & Chennai, India — Skcript, a global technology consulting firm, known for speed, efficiency, and fast delivery, today announced the launch of its GenAI (General Artificial Intelligence) services for enterprises. The company has been working on GenAI for the past 6 years, and has been implementing core GenAI solutions for various industry verticals.

The new GenAI focused services will help enterprises to implement AI solutions in their existing business processes, and also help them to build new AI solutions to become a leader in their industry. Skcript also announced that these GenAI solutions can be implemented on-premise, and also on private cloud so that enterprises do not have to worry about data privacy.

”We have seen how GenAI can change the way common users interact with technology. The world now understands and in a way expects the technology to exists in enterprise applications they use. With our speed, deep technology expertise, and transparent approach, we are certain that we can help enterprises become and stay competitive in their industry,” said Karthik Kamalakannan, Founder & CEO of Skcript.

Skcript also highlights the advantages for enterprises to implement GenAI solutions with Skcript as their technology partner. The company has been building their own LLMs, and have also implemented widely used LLMs in the industry. Since Skcript is not bound by any technology, the company’s focus is to add direct impactful value to the business, and not just build a solution for the sake of it.

Starting today, you can request prototypes, demoes, and use-cases of GenAI applications for your industry by writing to [email protected]. The company will also be announcing a series of GenAI focused events in the coming months.

About Skcript

Skcript is a global technology consulting company, helping enterprises build GenAI solutions for their business. The company has been working with enterprises in the Middle East, Europe, and the United States to help them build GenAI solutions for their business. Skcript is also known for its speed, efficiency, and fast delivery.

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