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or Our Standard Operating Procedures

We are Skcript. We work with you to create purpose-driven products that translate into beautiful digital experiences. We have also created our own products and we actively contribute to many open source libraries, which is our way of giving back to the community that we love.

This is our playbook. This has everything you need to know about how we work with AI, Mobile Apps, Web Apps and Design and also how we run our company. It’s filled with the things that we’ve learnt through our journey and how these experiences have influenced our work in a positive way.

This playbook is available for reading online, and while our ‘plays’ have worked for us, we’d love to give you the benefit of doubt to decide which tools and techniques might work for you.

1. This is Us.

This is who we are. We’ve created a culture that’s unique to us and we believe in letting the world know how important it is to invest in a culture that is inherent to the organization as a whole.

2. Our Services

We’re not just any other tech company. We love collaborating with organizations to design, develop and build platforms for iOS, Android, the web and we can help with branding them as well.

3. Consulting

Before we start working on a project, we run sprints and have interviews to understand our clients’ concerns and requirements associated with the project - this helps us create platforms that our clients’ love.

4. Marketing

Once the client’s project is completed, the next step is to focus on getting the word out. Through our distributed marketing methods, we make sure that the project gets the kind of reach it needs prior to it’s official release.

5. Design Philosophy

Since our projects undergo iterations frequently, our designers use tools and processes appropriate for that environment, and our well-thought out processes allow us to stay focused while working extensively.

6. Development Philosophy

Most of our development practices are centered around the client. We believe that the client’s continued inputs play a key role on the development, and we rely on this practice to improve the quality of our work.

7. DevOps

In the world that we live in today, a lot of the major problems have already been solved for us. This gives us room to focus on the core idea of the clients’ project as much as possible and then look to outsource our operations.

8. Tools and Workflows

Our development processes are heavily dependent on the workflows that we’ve created - these workflows are spanned out taking into account what’s best for users, the best tools that help us create and iterate quickly.

9. Culture Toolbox

The one thing that we hold close to our heart is the culture at the Skcript HQ. The culture that we’ve cultivated allows us to work, putting aside distractions and we’ve even managed to squeeze in that much needed time for recreation.

10. Best Practice

A lot transpires in a day at the Skcript HQ. We’ve figured out some of the fool-proof ways with which you can stay on track with work and this has worked out beautifully for us - now we know that it’ll work for you too.

11. Internal

We’re proud to have a talented team, and we’re even prouder to have an informed team. We love working with the people who inspire us and we’re here to move mountains.

12. How Skcript Works

We believe that there’s always a better way to do our work, and we want to find it and share it with as many people as possible.

Now that you’re informed, let’s do great work together! :)