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Everyone has a powerful voice. We believe that this voice has to be heard. Our blog, Sudo vs Rootserves as the perfect channel through which this voice can be heard by millions across the world.

Blogging happens to be an integral part of our work culture. To a Skcripter, blogging isn’t just about forming opinions - it’s a way of work life. We believe in sharing the knowledge that we’ve gleaned through our journey into the industry, and our blog paves a way for us to do just that.

Our blogs cover a cocktail of topics such as,

The listed topics also happen to be the different areas of tech that we work with, and our internal team contributes to it on a regular basis. All the posts that you come across on Sudo vs Root are light on the head, relevant and straight from the heart. Sudo vs Root is available to all to be read online (or even offline), and we have a little section at the end of each post that is directly linked to our community on Discourse where we invite feedback, comments and is left open for discussion.

It’s important to come up with a healthy blog lifestyle, not to gain followers or reach, but to keep spirits up at work always.

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