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We have heard the word “bot” a lot. We have even seen it on a few platforms. A bot is something that has a very small presence but, the impact it leaves has a huge reach. The scope upto which a bot can be used has not been explored as of yet and that is exactly why we started ‘The Bot Project’ at our HQ - to explore the unexplored.

As you read further, we will explain what a bot is, how it can be used and how Skcript can add value to your business by building a custom made bot for you.

What is a bot?
A bot is software that is designed to automate the kinds of tasks that you would usually do on your own - like making reservations, adding an appointment to your calendar or fetching and displaying information. The increasingly common form of bots - _Chatbots,_ simulate conversation. They often live inside messaging apps - or are at least designed to look that way - and it should feel like you’re chatting back and forth as you would with a human.

What can bots do?
Essentially, bots are employed to run automated tasks over the Internet. In other words, they simplify tasks which would normally require a telephone call to made to a human agent.

The work in terms of what a bot does varies from platform to platform. On social media platforms like _Facebook_ and Twitter, you can see something called a Chatbot. _Facebook’s Messenger_ app and the _Twitterbot_ are the most notable examples of _Chatbots_ and they both perform one primary action - encourage you to converse. That’s the impact of a bot - it might be small, tucked away in one corner of the webpage, but it can’t be ignored once you’ve seen it - a bot subtly demands to be used whether you want to or not.

Where are bots being used?
As of now, in terms of having huge online presence - _Facebook’s Messenger_ and the _Twitterbot_ are the most popular chatbots that are around. There are other chatbots as well, but their use hasn’t been as extensive as the two mentioned above. Now there is a rising fear that certain bots only spread spam wherever they are available. _Spambots_ as they are collectively known are examples of badly designed bots.

This is where Skcript makes a difference. We will make a bot that is well tailored to fit into your workspace.

We have gotten into making bots after enough research about the scope and reach that bots have. From our extensive research, there are many areas in which a bot be employed and here are some of the areas that we make bots for,

This work has been in the pipeline for a while now and the demo bots that we have created internally have worked well yielding positive results. We are sure of what we have and our work so far is proof for that.

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