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Client Meetings

Our meetings with our clients does not last more than three hours a week. We think this is a good enough time for us and the client to get things done.

Our meetings are of no fluff or loose talks. It’s just pure business and product discussion rather than having fun during our calls/meetings. We realized that partying with a customer after a successful on-time delivery is much more fun than to have fun during the development.

Every meeting will have an agenda, and the agenda will be discussed during the initial five minutes of the client meeting. This sets the tone for the meeting and we’ve found this to be productive and less time consuming than to have a free-form discussion.

We try not to discuss or pitch in ideas during meetings with our customers. We believe that ideas are solidified when someone is alone and are allowed to play within their own creative zone. We also believe that ideas are well perceived when someone is able to communicate it over an email or on a notebook.

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