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CSS is one of our greatest loves. We heavily use SASS for better organisation of styles, integrated into a solid build process (e.g. Webpack, Grunt or Middleman). We use SASS because of it’s many features and its easier to split styles into it’s own category which helps in building modular CSS.

And coming to frameworks, to save time we don’t build HTML/CSS Structures from the beginning instead we stick to using prebuilt solutions like Foundation and Bootstrap. But now we have an in-house SCSS Framework which has been battle tested and can be used and integrated in many of our projects.

As we do a lot of basic websites wire framing, the framework and UI Components we developed helps us save a lot of time that is valuable while looking for things like Grids etc.
In the end, it’s all about catering to the project’s requirements and setting up a speedy and streamlined development process and we think that our CSS process has the great ability to do just that.

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