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Recruiting Process

We are very keen when it comes to hiring. The process itself is pretty stringent and we believe that the hiring process and the way we make our decisions during our hiring process is what helped us produce some of the best quality products in the world.

We essentially find our people from,

While hiring a person to work with us, you need to make sure they exhibit the following characters,


We follow a pretty simple hiring process. But at every step, we make sure it is extensive and sometimes exhausting as well:

  1. Organize a 60 minute in-person meeting or a Google Hangout meeting with the potential person. Get information about what they want to do and what they’ve done earlier. This interview will happen with the person who they could be working with if they get to work at Skcript.
  2. Once they pass through, a new 60 minute meeting is organized with Swaathi or Karthik to understand if they would best align with the company’s mission, vision and culture.
  3. Once done, invite them to our HQ, and allow them to work on a small open-source project to showcase their technical capability for one full day.

Decision making:

Most of the decisions are made based on our gut feeling. Nothing much. But we have very high expectations for quality in someone’s work. And fortunately, we can easily identify if someone is faking their emotions or passion. It clearly shows up like a light bulb in the dark.

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