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We primarily use Amazon AWS and Google Cloud Platform as our primary hosting provider.

Choosing between these two platforms depends on the type of platform we’re trying to host. If you are looking to host a static website, then go with Amazon S3. If the platform you’re trying to host is going to be a dynamic platform, then go with Google Cloud Platform.

The easy of use that GCP offers with their mobile apps changes everything for us. And also, we feel that the security to access or shutdown an instance is much better with GCP than in AWS.

For CDN, we use CloudFront. Though Google CDN is considered to be the best, there’s a lot of problems and downsides to it than a traditional CDN network. You can follow the entire discussion on Google CDN here on Hackernews.

All the SSH Keys are managed on each and every machine. More on this has been shared on one of our Allt boards.

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