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At Skcript, internships are valued and given equal importance as that of a full-time job.

For every seasonal break, Skcript offers internships - those which have different roles and different platforms to choose from, something that’s not just a generalized role. But we don’t like to use an individual’s potential just to complete tasks or run errands like most internships tend to turn to out to be. Giving them a perspective into getting started with a career is our ultimate goal - but to find and filter out applicants who genuinely want hands-on work experience and not just a certificate to meet their requirements has turned out to be a mammoth task for us.

We have a kit for every intern joining us and in return we look forward to learn a lot from them. They have their very own workspace, and become a part of the team during the time of their presence. Helping people manage their own tasks and follow through with them is something we want them to gain.

We trust our instincts and go for people who feel right more than sound right. We believe that having a strong team pushes us to reach new heights everyday and having interns has taught us exactly that. We always look forward to working with creative individuals.

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