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“Leaders are not born” is a famous quote and true to that, one cannot be born as a leader. One cannot even be made a leader if the leadership doesn’t start within them. Being a leader doesn’t actually mean that you have to be the head of the clan. Any person who can show how to lead and not just guide on what has to be done goes down as a good leader.

Not all become great leaders. Learning to accept failure and figuring out what could be the next step, is where most of us fail. While handling a project, there will be a lot of failed attempts - but they are just attempts and not the end of the world. A leader will look into what the next step is going to be to push further.

Losing your grip is common, but admitting it and looking for help is also a leadership quality. If you don’t realize that you’re in a mess and figure a way out with somebody’s help, how can you help others out of their mess?

Being a leader if you keep going for the stick, thinking it will get things done, then the stick is the leader and not you. It differs with the people you deal with. This has two positive effects on people. One, they understand the importance of doing the task and two, they feel guilty that the work is not good enough. A good leader will understand this. This is how Skcript sees leadership and this is what we want everyone to take up.

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