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Marketing Websites

Having great content is definitely an asset. But this content has to go out as a true testament of your work - and one way to do that is to build a fast, responsive and accessible website that will communicate your brand message.

At Skcript, our Front-end, Design and Marketing team work with you closely to help create a website which will not only serve as a platform to market your brand or your organization, but rather a platform that will perform brilliantly on a technical level.

While building such a website for a customer, we focus heavily on three major aspects - namely,

When a user first lands on your website, content is the first thing that they’re met with. We believe in creating viral content that is put in a small, neat and precise manner. This way, the user is hit with the right amount of content that instantly appeals to him or her.

With the content solved, the next thing that we focus on is the design. The design of the website should complement the amount of content present. In the recent times, many users prefer a clear-cut, bold, edgy website with not too many frills tied to it. Here, both our Front-end and Design teams work together to bring about the perfect website design that will strike the right cord with the customer’s target audience.

Once the website design is set, it is coded to life and before it is pushed online, we have our internal team review the raw website. There will be suggestions on improving the site and this is constantly iterated on, before the final site is launched. Once the site is out, we monitor the site’s performance (Google Analytics should do the trick) and see how well it is received.

A website is steadily volatile - it can see a drop one day and a hike the next, in terms of performance. A perfect website is one in which the design, layout, content and visual appeal constantly evolves with time - and at Skcript, we make that happen.

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