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Monthly One-on-One

One of the strongest factors for any organisation is the relationship between the employer and the employee. The basic idea of One-on-One’s is to connect to each employee, know their view of the company’s pros and cons.

We wanted to take this level of understanding to the next level in Skcript. We started by breaking the tags ‘Employer’ and ‘Employee’ and made it clear that everyone was equal.
This pushed One-on-one’s at Skcript to a whole new level. There are no boundaries as to what we should talk about. We have one-on-one’s over coffee or tea making it more easy to discuss things. We also give everyone the freedom to have one-on-one’s with any team member they want, at anytime.

Our Program Manager, Pankaj, has had one-on-one’s with the rest of the team which has helped her in tweaking the work process to a sharper point. This helps us in improving the productivity as they feel more connected.

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