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Onboarding Process

We have a ceremony when we on-board a customer. It is our responsibility and not duty.
We want to gain our customer’s trust and we make sure that their on-boarding is smooth and trustworthy. After the initial talk, we introduce them to the team who they will be collaborating with throughout the project completion.

Collaboration with the customer is a long term vision for Skcript. With the project logistics discussion over, we move on to the depths of the project. Team interaction is made easier with anytime contact through email.

We like doing things old school and share a series of documents with the customer. The documents include the requirements document, understanding document - which is the information we draft in a document what we have understood from the customer, TOA (Terms Of Document), and the Milestone document.

With everything in place, we update the customer on a weekly basis and make deliveries varying with the span of each project. Everything we do is real-time and is recorded for both us and the customer for any future references.

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