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Project Communication

Once a project is on-board, each and every step we take are communicated over to the customers. With the initial communication of collecting and documenting requirements, we then proceed to plan on building them.

Working over live documents let our customers see right through us and at the work we are doing. With the milestones in place, we work to meet the weekly deliverables. Our customers now become a part of Skcript and are taken with us as we progress.

We make it necessary to have calls every week and assign a day of the week to deliver one part of the product. With email being the mainstream for communicating, we also use Slack to have other minor conversations.

A drive with all the documents and files tied to a project is shared across the team and the customers. We use Allt to track our daily work, features, bugs raised and fixed, and the testing results.

Communication is the key to attain trust and we pertain to gain trust with our work.

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