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Qualifying Leads

Majority of our leads are either from referrals or through social media channels. Qualifying the leads has become a very crucial part of our sales cycle, given the experiences we’ve had in the past.

Each lead is captured in our Hubspot domain. Everyone in the company has access to Hubspot and they can keep track of the progress. This is to make sure that you know when a project might close, and when we might have to start scheduling for the project.

For leads through referrals, we capture them to Hubspot with the BCC email address. Anyone in the company can take responsibility for a lead. Meaning, if a UI Engineer thinks he/she has a better chance of evaluating and closing a lead, then they take ownership of the lead and take things forward.

There’s always minutes of meetings for each and every call our engineers have with the customers or potential leads. All these are captured both on Allt and Hubspot for future reference.

Evaluating a lead

Not all leads are serious about what they want to do. There are a ton of signs while evaluating a lead, and our internal “Take the lead” sessions will help you understand the evaluation criteria better. If you’ve joined Skcript very recently, then here’s everything you need to know quickly:

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