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Skcript Core Values

Be Humble

There’ll be both good and bad days. We’ll be flying high one day and we might sink to the ground the next - whatever the situation, staying humble to everyone matters the most. Remember your roots. Never complain. Stay grounded.

Embrace Creativity

Creativity sprouts from wanting to change, be better and do better. Allow everyone to pitch in and bounce ideas off each other. Great ideas come from listening to what everyone has to say. Work with curious minds. Do the new.

Breathe the Mission

Ask the million thoughts that cross your mind to move aside. Set a clear path for the mission to flourish. Turn a deaf ear to everything that deviates from the mission. Collaborate with people who’re working towards the same mission.

Build a Positive Team Spirit

The business and it’s mission is as strong as the team is. Build a team that you’d love to work with. Maintain an air of inspiration while at work. Let others have the best ideas. Save the criticism and negativity. Stock up on the positives.

Guts over Fear. Always.

Go with your what your gut says - it’s almost always right. Don’t let fear intimidate you. Instead, tackle it head on and rule it. Giving up should never be an option. Everything has hurdles, you just have to jump over it. Never back down, ever.

Do More with Less

Build a small team. Solve the easy first. Head on to the hard and then tackle it. A small, capable team yields bigger, better results. Think out of the box. Try the road less taken.

Respect the Differences

Everyone is different. Different is good. Being different helps in growth. Respecting these differences gives you a much broader outlook. The little differences are the ones that make the biggest impact. Don’t try blending in. Stand out.

Staying relevant

In a world that’s moving as fast as ours, it’s important to stay in touch with what’s current. Relevance helps everyone connect emotionally to the things that matter the most. Touch lives rather than wait for admiration.


Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Nothing is sacred, everything is in a state of change. As individuals we should look to place ourselves in a position where we are learning and getting better every day.

Align yourself

Constantly put yourself in a place where the best thing for you is the best thing for everyone else that you work with and for.

Be open and transparent

Simplify your relationships. Lose the filter. Talk openly about what you care about and the problems you are dealing with. Get feedback to get better.

Stay focused

Is the thing you are working on right now the most valuable thing you could be doing? A corollary to this- trust others to execute on their objectives so that you can stay focused on your own.

Smile more!

Have fun. Don’t regret. Don’t think too hard. Be optimistic. Assume the best. Things will work out — how could they not?

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