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Social Media

One of the questions that we get asked a lot happens to be, “So, how active are you on Social Media?” and we always say “Well, we’re quite active!”

This invariably puts us in a position to answer this famous question “But isn’t it a distraction and a huge waste of time?” Honestly, it can be.

But the key to not wasting too much time lies in using social media to it’s right potential. At Skcript, we don’t depend on social media to help in advertising. It’s rather our window to the world - a window through which we contribute to the tech community and also reach out to possible clients.

Here at Skcript, social media has helped us create, collaborate and contribute to the communities that we love. Over time we’ve realized that social media and by extension, marketing is no longer about the stuff that we make, but about the stories that we have to tell.

We have a sound presence online and here’s a list of avenues through which you can see our work and also connect with us,

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