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Team Culture

The product and work produced defines the face of the company. Skcript has always been looked up to as an elite company and this was through the work we had managed to produce.

The brains behind the work are the actual factor defining Skcript. We are twice the times proud of the team and culture we have set at Skcript and the work we produce.

We value culture as that has brought us a long way and we will always work on improving them. We provide equity and not equality. Our culture let’s everyone to be a leader and listener at the same time. The best of everyone combined together is what made Skcript and the worst of everyone has taught us what not to be. We learn from our mistakes and our culture has taught us to embrace them than to look over them. We are growing stronger with every mistake we make and smarter with every success we taste.

We encourage open source and we will remain transparent to the outside world. Our culture is something we want the outside world to see. This makes us conscious of what we do and how we do it. We will always work on it and are super proud to talk about it too.

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