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Test, Test and Test again

Testing cannot be covered in one stage or by one person. Though many organisation have a role called tester, their work will cover only a part of the testing cycle.

We begin our testing, as we develop. The developers take up the responsibility of doing Unit testing and Integration testing.

During the completion of one milestone we take up the responsibility to test.

All the above mentioned testing is carried for every deliverable. This testing is performed by some one who knows the app well enough to use them.

Then comes the

which is carried by a user. The person who will conduct this testing is completely unaware of what the app is and how it works. We receive the feedback from this tester to improve the ease of usability.

Only after clearing all these testing with flying colors, will the deliverable reach customer’s hands for one more round of testing.

With testing comes a lot of bugs and corrections. We have our very own tool to track the bugs and changes, called Allt. Our customer will be invited to join Allt during their on-boarding and will be able to track throughout the development and fixing stages.

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