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Time Management

Skcript is a bootstrapped, proud and profitable company. There’s always constant research and exploration for the big idea that could make our lives as well as people’s lives easier. We use the money we earn from consulting to power our research and in-turn our products that come out of this research.

We spend one day every week to commit to research, side projects and everything else that we think will revolutionize the way we work and the way the world works today. Our Program Manager makes sure the week is scheduled in such a way that the customer deliverables are not affected during our research.

There’s never a sense of urgency or pressure at work, and that is because of the extensive planning and time allocation that the entire company makes.


Our major source of revenue as of Q4 2016 - 2017 is through consulting. We’ve grown to be known as the best at what we do in a very short period of time, and there’s three years worth of effort and learning behind this.

All our consulting projects go through a set process that allows us to keep up with our schedule. We make sure that every single client is proud at the end of the day for the work he/she has done with us.

Our clients are given a rotating desk at our office. Every single one of our clients are welcome to work from our office if they prefer and we expect everyone to respect their workspace during their visit. Our clients will have the same benefit as a team member when they are at our office.


This is what we call the research time that goes into making good products. Bootstrapping time is what we use to contribute to the community or work on improving our own products. Everyone in the company is aligned to making great products, and this time gives us the energy and enough pressure to set our own milestones and get things done, every single week.

If there’s an idea that you would like to capture, there’s a whole task list on Allt called the Ideaboard. The title would be a one-line description of the idea and the description contains everything that someone should know about the idea.

All the ideas are validated by the entire team. When an idea is moving forward, the idea owner should create a Keynote presenting the idea and how it will see the light. Once done, every single engineer would come together to contribute to the idea and push it to production.

There are other ways to spend your bootstrapping time at Skcript,

Bootstrapping time is not free. Everything we do should be focused either on contributing to the community, which will increase our voice and authority in the industry or to focus on improving and building revenue generating products. Going from idea to revenue generation should be your first priority.

If a product is not generating revenue or showing results of generating a revenue channel, then a decision will be made either to kill it or to open source it. All products that are on the downside of the revenue, that will get open sourced should go through our internal verification and code check process to make sure there’s no confidential information that’s getting leaked.

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