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Tools we use

Common Sense

UX is nothing but a fancy word for common sense. We use our common sense to craft functional user experiences for the products that we design.

The good ol’ pen and paper

Most of our ideas come when we sit down to brainstorm where we use the good ol’ pen and paper to pen down all out thoughts.


To quickly jot down

Dropbox Paper

For collaborating with our team members to share ideas across ourselves as well as our customers.


We use one of the most popular UI prototyping tool, Sketch. With the huge number of plugins, it helps us streamline our design workflow.

Adobe Illustrator

For all our graphical design needs. Being the most popular vector design app on the Mac, we use it to design all graphics.

Adobe After Effects

For all our motion design needs. We use it for to design digital visual effects and motion graphics.

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