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Using Slack

We don’t use Slack anymore. We use Discord instead.

Slack has been one of the major communication channels at Skcript. We use Slack even for our customer communication. As much as emails are an effective form of communication, Slack has been helpful in it’s own way. Customers find it easy to connect with us. As we can see whether the members are online or offline, it is easier to communicate either as a group or have individual conversations. More than internal communication, external communication has also been very effective. As soon as customer onboarding is complete, a Slack channel is created and invites are shared across to the members tied to the respective project.

We have different channels to keep the team focused on their work. No two projects are discussed over the same channel. This is done to avoid confusion and provide additional clarity. Any project communication, file transfers, sharing notes and updates of the work our team is working on are all communicated over Slack. As much as Skcript likes writing, we love reading too. Slack has also been helpful to share reading materials of any format.

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