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Video Calls

Customer interaction is of huge value to us. On cases where we cannot meet with the customer in person, we get on calls with them. Our meeting room solves the purpose of privacy and provides a professional aura to it.

Our team is always prepared for a call and has the habit of carrying around a notebook with them. Any notes for personal references are noted down in their books whereas the common pointers are shared across as boards or Dropbox Paper documents. The meeting room where we take our calls are always stocked with fresh sticky pads, markers and other stationery items.

If the call is regarding a project discussion, we don’t gather the entire set of people working on the respective project. Contribution of an individual towards the call is measured and in cases of less contribution, they are relieved from the call but we make sure their points are conveyed to the customer and the vice versa. This is to have parallel work progress.

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