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Enterprise Storage. Redefined.

We're on a mission to create the best compression server for your organization. With low latency and zero data loss, Shrink is something you have never experienced before. The results with our test customers have proved to cut down your infrastructure expansion cost by more than 50%. With Shrink, it's possible. NOW.
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Because, your data is exploding.

And, you need the best compression server to handle it.

SHRINK Compression Ratios
Compression at its BEST.

600+ algorithms. 7000+ file types. One powerful machine.

SHRINK Data Compression Speed and Performance.
Performance. MASTERED.

You'll never see a faster compression server than Shrink.

SHRINK Data Compression, Thin Client Compatibility.
100% Thin Provisioned

You will never have to worry about scaling again.

You'll love the results.

Data Compression is the guaranteed way to a healthy and happy storage landscape. Shrink gets it right. Instantly.

SHRINK Skcript Machine Learning
Shrink Logic

Shrink Logic is the brain behind the best compression. Logic runs over 100 tests on each and every file before deciding on which algorithm would suit best for your file for guaranteed best results.

SHRINK Data Compression Rate Per Filetype
Shrink Reduce

Shrink Reduce delivers a new way of savings on storage costs with data protection and management simplicity. Reduce your NAS storage demands by more than 60%.

SHRINK Big Data Analytics
Shrink SmartSight

Shrink SmartSight delivers the most extensive report about the activities, health and the governance of your system. Whether is for Audit purposes or for your own, extensive and beautiful reports are just a click away.

SHRINK Admin Dashboard
Skcript SimpleDash

Skcript SimpleDash is the industry's groundbreaking admin console, which gives you complete control over your data. Manage users, enable or disable any feature you want, anytime. Everything at the click of a button.

Value. Shrink adds it.

Skcript's Shrink comes with the industry's best compression techniques to optimize your storage and double down on costs.

SHRINK Optimize your existing storage landscape

Shrink uses advanced optimization techniques to automagically scale your existing storage landscape and make sure its' always optimized.

SHRINK Internal Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithms
Machine Learning

We use remarkable Machine Learning methods to dynamically change our algorithms to achieve the most advanced data compression ever created.

SHRINK Flexible Architecture and Compatibility
Unmatched Flexibility

We created a universal system which goes along with any existing infrastructure in your organization. You'll never have to worry about integration issues.

IT Solutions.

Shrink has been tested and validated for a wide range of industry-specific applications.

SHRINK Archival Solution for Big Data
Archival Solution for Big Data

Take advantage of Shrink's NAS Compression software to lower your costs, improve productivity and protect your archived data to meet your business needs.

SHRINK Digital Asset Management
Digital Asset Management

Companies who care about power, design and elegance, use Shrink. With state-of-the-art asset management system, this is everything you've asked for. On-premise.

Tailored for your industry.

Shrink has been tested and validated for a wide range of industry-specific applications.

SHRINK for Healthcare Industry

Consolidate picture archiving and communication system (PACS) medical imaging storage to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs.

SHRINK for Manufacturing Industry

Lower costs and enable data-intensive workflows for upstream exploration and production, interpretation and modeling.

SHRINK for Media, Communication and Entertainment Industry
Media and Entertainment

Manage, store, and provide access to rapidly growing libraries of digital media content with Intelligent SHRINK storage infrastructure.