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Of all the innovative ideas to bring more people into open source, this has got to take the prize. #100DaysOfCommits is a social movement to promote open source development. All you need to do is commit (on GitHub) to an open source project of your choice for the next 100 days! 1 commit (or more, common challenge yourself!) per day.

Once you've done that take a picture or screenshot the commit along with the link to the repo, and post it to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag, #100DaysOfCommits. There's even a raffle involved!

"#100DaysOfCommits is a community project that's partnering with local coding meetups. We want to encourage people to get involved in Open Source and to start their own side projects. There's a raffle involved!"

We are super excited at Skcript to join this movement. Almost everyone here has contributed to at least one open source project during their time here. We love giving back to, and there's so much of our production code we've open sourced.

"#100DaysOfCommits starts on August 1st, 2016 and ends November 9th, 2016."

For today here are the repos our engineers are contributing to,

Stay tuned! We'll be posting images of the craziness that comes with code here soon! Follow us on Twitter.

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