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5 Team Activities You Can Play Online To Boost Remote Productivity

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If your team is not used to it, remote work can be hard. A common feeling everyone experiences is missing the hustle and bustle of the workplace, the nonchalant exchanges with co-workers and just people really! But working remote can cause your team to feel alone.

Recently, when we started remote work we did not want that to happen to our team! So we came up with online activities that the team can play together. We saw that people's mood getting lifted and obviously an uptick in productivity!

In this blog, we'll talk about all the team games that we played. All of them were played on Zoom!

Show And Tell

Are you getting kindergarten flashbacks? Maybe you're a little nostalgic to play this again! Since you're already at home, pick up something interesting and share it with your team. This builds up team work as well - everyone gets to know each other better!

Figma Pictionary

Have you been an artist before? You'll become one when you start playing Pictionary with your team! The easiest way we found to play this is to use Figma - the collaborative interface design tool. The design team uses it for way more important things - but this is fun!

It's really amazing to see your team's energy during this game. Our mind searches for the best match to the picture drawn. By that way, it will actually sharpen up your brain and the same focus will be there when you get back to the work too.


A classic! It's a form of brainstorming we must try to do in-between our tasks. A never ending playlist will pop out on top of our mind. And who doesn't like to make fun of their co-workers' voices? (Yes, we're looking at you Juge.)

Dumb Charades

This will have your team rolling in laughter. Pick a movie or book and act it out! Only some seconds left over to guess the movie name, song or a word. It's pretty funny to see peoples guesses and acting!

Hand cricket

This would entertain you in a way that actually helps us to get prepared for things that have happened in the past, present and future. Life is unpredictable and you could not predict how things will go further. But, if you watch it carefully sitting back, you'll find the trick used. Why not? This could help you in work.

Hope we have kindled your childhood days. Let us know if you tried any of these games with your team! And we're always open to suggestions. :)

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