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Announcing Allt for iOS. But there's a catch.

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Karthik Kamalakannan

Yes. It is here. The brand new Allt for iOS is now on general availability. We've been working happily on the app, one day at a time to make things as functional and good looking as possible for our users.

Today, Allt is being used by hundreds of people across the globe to organize their work. The mobile app aims to complement the web platform.

With the brand new Allt for iOS, here's what you can do:

  1. All viewing operations across domains
  2. Switch domains easily
  3. Create and manage your tasks
  4. View all boards, task lists, and files
  5. Receive push notifications only when it is important
  6. Pin and love a board
  7. Manage your public links

What you cannot do with Allt for iOS:

  1. You cannot create a task list
  2. You cannot create a new board
  3. You cannot upload files (yet)
  4. You cannot create a new domain
  5. You cannot create a new domain

Why is the all having limited functionality?

We believe that work happens best when you are at your desk. Not when you are on your phone. Some people might argue about this, but we have seen this to be true with our customers and the app reflects the same ideology behind creating Allt.

The last thing we would like the app to do to our customer is to bother them with notifications that other platforms are doing already. Instead, Allt's design language to the way it interacts with you have been designed in a way that will help people organize their work faster, and better.

Allt's design language to the way it interacts with you have been designed in a way that will help people organize their work faster, and better.

People use Allt's boards to talk about issues and make important decisions across the organization. Most of the boards are lengthy and we believe that a mobile app is not something that could do justice to the lengthy content someone would be willing to type.

What is coming next and where is the focus?

The focus is very simple here:

Allt, as a platform has been focused on simplicity in organizing your work.

Right from Allt's navigation to the way it operates your task list, everything has been intentionally designed to have as minimal interaction as possible to save time and to get the work done efficiently.

But here are a few features that are coming up next:

  1. NLP based task creation with people tagging and deadlines
  2. Ability to create external links with expiry
  3. Flash-grade speeds and caching
  4. 3D Touch & 3D Peek
  5. Notification tweaks and DND while sleeping options

The app will ultimately be a very close companion to you and your Allt.

Will there be an Android version?

Eventually, yes. But not any time in the first half of this year. We truly believe in having a very unified experience for our users, and currently, iOS seems to give us that way.

How can I get an invite for Allt?

Currently, we tend to have Allt for a closed set of people. There are a couple of reasons why we do that.

  1. We want Allt to be as close to people as possible. It's like a pet that lives with us until the end of the Internet.
  2. We want to understand deeply the way people organize their work.
  3. We want to make sure people are truly getting huge help from Allt before we expose the platform to a lot of people.
  4. We want Allt to be elite.

If you are certain about trying out Allt, please get yourself signed up at Allt's Homepage.

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