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Announcing Skcript Events

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The founding team of Skcript met at community events before they decided to start working together. Over the years, we've organized a ton of events across the country that are aimed at specific user groups - and the learning that we took back from these events have now turned into some amazing action points.

Today, we're incredibly proud to announce our new wing Skcript Events!

Skcript Events will be a series of events that will to cater to specific user groups - this event will happen every last Saturday of the month and here people are either invited or are referred to by engineers to attend. This is a pilot program that we are launching, and it's called Edition I (for now!) 😃

Talking about the new initiative from Skcript, our Chief Technical Architect Varun says,

"We've always believed in giving back to the community, and our engineers spend a lot of time and effort in doing that at Skcript. I believe that Skcript Events would be one such initiative that would show our commitment to this belief. And I'm definitely looking forward to learning from the community."

Our excited CEO Karthik said,

"With Skcript Events, our goal is to provide one of the best in class experience that will stick with people for a long time. We are aiming at organizing these focused events to provide content that they might not be able to experience otherwise. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on how this is going to take off in the future."

Our Head of Marketing Sankriti has also chipped in saying,

"When we thought about doing something unique for the community from Skcript, we had a bunch of ideas coming in from all the corners of the company. Everyone had different ideas and they were super excited about it. But one thing that I found in common, is the experience all our engineers wanted to give our users. Something elite, and something that is so unique that people would want to come back. Today, Skcript Events is being built on top of these founding principles."

We felt the need to organize a host of events that were elite and at the same time were also very focused and specific to the community and Skcript Events is one such initiative. This non-profit initiative is the first step that we have taken as we look to gain by learning back from the community.

Skcript Events is off to a fitting debut and starting this month, we'll soon come to you with our very first event! And here's a link you can use to stay in the loop about our current and upcoming events,

Get ready to join us, because from the looks of it we're going to be having a very 'eventful' year! 😉

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