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Kind of Apps you can build with React Native.

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Karthik Kamalakannan

Everytime you think about building an app for iOS or Android, the first thing that comes to your mind is to choose the framework to build it. Choosing the right framework for your app in its initial stages can save you a lot of time, effort and money.

Let us quickly dive in and try to broadly categorize the types of apps you can build using React Native.

1. Quick Prototypes

Now, your app is just a quick prototype that you would like to use to test out the market and pitch it to the investors, then React Native might be the framework for you. The reason why we suggest React Native for some such cases, is that it is really quick to build apps for both iOS and Android, with very little functionality and light weight UI.

2. Simple cross-platform applications

From what we've seen, apps that are very simple and straightforward, works really well on React Native. But working well, we are talking about the amount of time and effort it takes to tweak React Native for heavy apps, when compared to a native app.

If you are talking about an interface that is too big with a lot of screens, then React Native might not be the right framework for you to think about. Going native might help.

3. Don't build games or apps requiring native APIs

Building games or apps that rely heavily on native APIs might not be the best fit for React Native. Hybrid app frameworks like React Native have been designed for apps that are simple and to the point. When your app requires native APIs to do what it is supposed to do, going with a native framework/language like Swift or Java would be the best choice. The tweaks and optimizations you can make with these frameworks are far less time consuming when compared to that of React Native.

In a nut-shell

React Native is a beautiful framework. Thanks to the entire developer community, the support that one can receive to get things done quicker is very high. Ultimately, you've gotta choose what your app needs best. Never build your idea/app with a framework in mind. If you are still unsure about what framework to choose for your app, contact us.

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