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Aviation MRO tracing using Blockchain for UK-based airlines.

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Blockchain Technology enables end-to-end component lifecycle visibility, trusted data exchange across internal and external MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) stakeholders, and unified operational efficiency across the MRO Value Chain. This results in decreased risk, decreased turnaround time, and cost savings for the entire industry.

About the Client

The client is a vendor who supplies raw materials for catering and maintenance parts to a large airline company in the UK.

Major problems to be solved

  • Closed operation of MRO service among participants
  • Difficult traceability in components including Life Limited Part
  • Limited sharing of a document by relevant users
  • Burdensome document generation
  • Non-communicative document storage

Why Blockchain Technology?

  • Open operation of MRO service among participants
  • Easy traceability in components and their history
  • Open sharing of documents by relevant users
  • Fast document generation
  • Communicative tools for document storage

How Skcript solved the problem?

Skcript developed an end-to-end supply chain management system for tracking the source of the raw materials to enhance the reliability of the parts for the airline company using the parts in their aircraft.


MRO is a high cost for a company. Most industries still manually record MRO data. Blockchain will not only bring transparency into the system but will help companies better track maintenance data. It will also help in better analytics for the calculation of a product's life cycle and will provide improved insights to MRO companies.

The greater the blockchain-MRO integration, the more the industry will see the extensive use of blockchain in tracking critical supply chain parameters, component Quality, asset maintenance, preventing counterfeit products, and enhancing digital marketplaces.

Need help with your Blockchain journey? Skcript has you covered.

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