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The best Ruby on Rails Podcasts you can listen to right now.

Hellonext, Inc.

Karthik Kamalakannan

Our company is crazy about Ruby on Rails. We constantly spend time to improve the overall framework and regularly work with the community to see where we can contribute to Ruby on Rails. Our CTO, Swaathi can talk hours and hours about this.

Being a huge fan of Podcasts, here are some of the shows that I listen to on a regular basis.

Ruby Rogues Listen now ↗

This show airs every week. The podcast is a panel discussion, where they talk about the tools, libraries, new updates on Rails, and even careers on Ruby on Rails.

The Ruby Show Listen now ↗

Considered to be the most popular Podcast among the Ruby community, this show is run by Jason Seifer and Peter Cooper. If you are looking to quickly up your skills on Ruby on Rails, this is the podcast for you.

5by5 - The Ruby on Rails Podcast Listen now ↗

This one is for the beginners. Podcasts from 5by5 are of superior quality, and this show is no exception.

RubyTapas Listen now ↗

They try to take the Ruby on Rails developers to "the next level of code mastery." And they do that for real. A series of short screencasts are released twice weekly, and this is everything someone would need to up their game.

Ruby5 Listen now ↗

Ruby5 airs every Tuesday and Friday, where the hosts talk about the latest news and updates around the Ruby on Rails community.

That's it for now. Skcript develops some of the most complex products for its customers. If you are looking to create a new product/app, just leave a message in the chatbox or drop us a line at [email protected]

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