This is by far the most beautiful travel illustration by Niemann

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I look for inspiration from a variety of sources every week. And when I want to look for a design inspiration from nature, then National Geography’s website is where I go. This week, I found something that collided both the worlds in one beautiful structure. That’s the renowned illustrator, Christoph Niemann, going on a expedition to the Arctic for National Geographic Channel.

The new project is called North: An Illustrated Travelogue. The project features illustrations of Niemann drawn on top of real world beautiful pictures of the Arctic. Niemann takes our breath away with the elongated character of a man who pushes your eye ball to where Niemann wants you to see.

Looking at all the images was surreal and I think you should take a look at the project as well.

Christoph Niemann at Arctic
Christoph Niemann at Arctic
Christoph Niemann at Arctic
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