Digital Marketing Hacks that Works for this Quarantine

Ain't no quarantine bringing you down! We shared some hacks that you can store up your sleeve as a Digital Marketer! Wanna know how? Learn here.

Karthik Kamalakannan

Karthik Kamalakannan

Digital Marketing Hacks that Works for this Quarantine

Coronavirus is taking a world trip. Everyone is worried about the spread and increase in the affected people's rate. We can't guess how far this pandemic will go on, so, we need to overcome this together. With people's health in mind, companies across the world went remote and started the work from the home trends.

This transition has affected the market of a lot of businesses. But with technology in our fingertips, digital marketers can make the best of this situation.

Use this quarantine period wisely to think of fresh ideas and strategies. During the course of execution we have to carefully look into the growth, analytics, SEO and how we are going to manage the. Now that we are working from home, let's discuss the practical and straightforward solutions to reboot the digital marketing strategy best suited for this time.

#DigitalMarketing "tactics" that we found useful for this quarantine!

Content marketing

One of the most powerful marketing at the moment is content! The overall world is online and talking about your product journey, updates, growth, KPIsetc can improve the product visibility, especially stand out from competitors. The more you write the better. This helps in keeping existing customers occupied and generating new leads. But, you need to be careful of the content and frequency, as it can become overpowering at times. If you take the content in a right way to your customers, you can succeed easily.

Use the power of social media

Social media accounts and pages can be a great way to create and register brand identity. Not just about the product, but any relevant content can be posted on these platforms for engaging with potential customers in your niche. This will help in developing a more substantial audience connection and retention.

There are many ways to engage with your audience. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are the places you can target your audience to discuss your products and services, and show your availability to them. This will retain a talk about your product all the time and lays a path for you to reach your audience easily. Sometimes, planning for a campaign, activity, and Q/A can turn more engaging. It opens up the opportunity for interacting with your audience.

Improve your visibility in the way of posting more blogs

Write new blogs that would help people who are using your product and people to understand the concept of your product. With some extra time up our sleeve, write a blog a day, so that you are able to sustain your presence. Update your existing content to match with the SEO trend.

Blogs with boosted SEO and keeping up with the trend are always going to help. Drop an email to your subscribers listing some blogs that they can read during the time of quarantine.

"QUARANTINE" discount:

It won't come as a surprise if a product discount works at this time. In fact, people are in need of it more than ever. Such offers will allow the customers to try your products when they are working out of home. It will help them to remember your products in the longer run and subscriber again for more use, when they see the result.

Especially if you have any products that are in demand, like remote tools for employees working out of home, now would be the time to market and sell with a reasonable discount. In that case, chances are there for people to adapt to your product more.

Competitive analysis

Amidst the work schedule, don't forget to check on what your competitors are doing. It's important to know so do your research on how they are working on. Check to see if your competitor's strategy has changed or how they are marketing. This might get you some new ideas that you can also try. Sometimes, smart work works over hard work. Instead of investing time in new ideas, try ideas that are already working for others. So open up your mind, have a cup of coffee and do a detailed analysis of how competitors are developing a digital marketing strategy and how they are successfully performing it.

Also, make sure that you conduct a detailed analysis of the social media campaigns that your competitors are running these days. An excellent social media strategy during modern times is the game changer and might bring you all the clients that you need.

Monitor Analytics

If you don't evaluate then you can't improve! Monitoring analytics is one of the most important tasks in your daily work schedule. If you don't spend time on this then you won't be improving your stats. Come up with improved strategies and run fast as much as possible to reach your goal in this competitive world.

This is the way you will be able to find answers to questions like,

Are your strategies really effective?

What works out and what doesn't?

Have you reached your target?

Did you get good traction?

Are you generating leads?

Analyze and decide on your next step. Do this daily or once in two days, to keep an eye on the stats and move forward. Analytics plays a major role in defining your marketing strategies. You should also refine your key performance indicators by Google analytics. Ensure you've covered all the essential metrics you use, from the data generated, to improve your marketing efficiency.

Make sure you come up with some bounce back ideas

Marketing for a product is an endless process. It's very important for you to do something that really works for you. This pandemic won't stay forever and normality will resume. People will come out of houses, and the retail market will boom again. If you develop a robust digital marketing strategy right now, you will see an increase in your product business when that happens.

Remember that the digital marketing strategy takes some time to take effect. Starting with a revised and suited marketing strategy for the next few months is going to get your stats high, increase business when we come out of quarantine and thrive longer.

These are all some of the hacks that you can store up your sleeve as a Digital Marketer! An excellent digital marketing strategy is to plan for half a year or at least the next quarter ahead, so you can use this time to bring out new content, strategies and make your product/service trust-worthy.

Last updated: November 21st, 2023 at 6:56:16 PM GMT+0


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