Download our Personas Template for your next design workshop

Download the internal template that we use for building user personas during our design workshop.


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Download our Personas Template for your next design workshop

The first thing to do in any design process is to understand your users. The ones for whom you are spending your energy building.

Earlier, we explained how you should run a Product Discovery Workshop. Today, let us help you with a resource that will help you get things done faster and better.

Each Persona should have their own dedicated paper in which their characters, goals and other meta are mentioned. Some of our customers have asked us if there are some templates that they can use to generate the personas and fill-in information.

We thought we should give our template out for everyone to use.

How to use the Personas Template#

Using this is very simple:

  1. Download the template
  2. Open the file in Sketch (Mac only)
  3. Fill out the information for each persona; to make things easier, all the elements in the page are symbols, so just fill out the text box that would appear when you select a symbol
  4. Print em’ out
  5. Have a great Product Discovery Workshop

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