Five talks every designer must watch.

Five talks every designer must watch.

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There are some talks which changes the way you think about design. This is a collection of five talks that tops our list of the best design talks on the Internet.

Here’s the list:

User eXperience by Jesse James Garrett#

Jesse James Garrett is an information architect based in San Francisco, California and co-founder of Adaptive Path strategy and design consulting firm. Twitter: @jjg

Designing Emotional Experiences by Aarron Walter#

Aarron is currently the VP of Design Education at InVision. Founded UX practice at MailChimp. Author of Designing for Emotion. Twitter: @aarron

Designing meaningful animations by Val Head#

Val is web & UI animation pro specializing in motion style guides and web animation training. Twitter: @vlh

Mind tricks & 7 Secrets of Behavioral Economics for UX Designer by Lanny Geffen#

Lanny is the VP of Strategy and User Experience at OneMethod. Twitter: @lgeffen

The complex relationship between data and design in UX by Rochelle King#

Rochelle is Global VP of Design and User Experience at Spotify where she is responsible for the teams that oversee user research and craft the product experience at Spotify. Twitter: @rochelleking

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