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GitHub's amazing UX

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I was explaining to a colleague of mine how he can host his static website on GitHub for free. He was super happy about this, so to get him started I shared the help page that he could follow.

It's not a great website, it's UI is neat and clean, it's content is friendly. What I loved the most was how built the page so that ANYONE could understand. Though GitHub is primarily a developer driven ecosystem, they want to cater for everyone,

Matthew McCullough, a trainer at GitHub, explains that Git, like other version control systems, manages and stores revisions of projects. Although it's mostly used for code, McCullough says Git could be used to manage any other type of file, such as Word documents or Final Cut projects. Think of it as a filing system for every draft of a document. - TechCrunch, "What exactly is GitHub anyway?"

This little piece of HTML really represented what their reason is for me,


A simple "I don't know" can work wonders in a help page. This allows you to have a conversation with him/her. You can use this dialogue to show your user additional instructions to get back on track.

The next time you create something, even something insignificantly small, remember to deeply care. :)

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