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How Attendance Management can be Automated using RPA in Education Industry

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More often than not, does uttering a "simple" YES, 365 days a year, regime and resemble a military-style "roger that" and "aye-aye, sir?" Too tired to do the same activity every day? Well, forget not the monotonous e-mails requesting for paid leaves and vacation and signing in and out in registers (Oops! forgot the register at principal's office?). Let us not forget, discrepancies in keeping track of attendance. Whew! Couldn't agree more?!!

Institutional heads today are missing an integral part to simplify the administration process, and better late than never. With intellectual awakening, welcome to the world of robotic process automation (RPA)!

The rapid rate at which technological conditions are changing and impacting social interactions, education systems, the media consumption, and work, should be seen as an opportunity or enabling factor, to adapt AI (artificial intelligence) driven innovation strategies, extracted from Lasso-Rodríguez, G., and R. Gil-Herrera., "Advanced Human-Robot Interaction for Learning with Robotic Process Automation."

In the education industry, despite the current technological advancements around the world, the word attendance is always synchronized with 'paper and pen', which puts this simple question in the minds of individuals: How long?

With proxy attendance system round the corner, there is a strong need for a fool-proof secured automated monitoring technology, which relieves the repetitive burdensome activities of students, teaching and non-teaching staff, and the administrators and increases the overall productivity of the management.

Automation can help put an end to tedious tasks such as attendance, grading on a report card, scheduling board meetings, management of enrolments and recruitments, IT operations, events planning, and processing other administrative tasks including invoices, payroll, managing staff attendance.

The following are the features of RPA in attendance management:

  • RPA plays the role of a digital workforce or virtual employee for the management.
  • It validates the time and attendance and flags it to the human resource professionals, in case of any discrepancy.
  • Cross-checking of data against time is made possible.
  • Customized RPA models also alert on absentees or when individuals have worked overtime.
  • Analytic reports are produced when required.
  • With machine learning, RPA handles the external and internal compliance issues of the management.
  • RPA also enables the management to comply with fair labor laws and contracts and protects legally in case of any disputes.

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