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How I started my career in 'Testing' at Skcript

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A year back, I started my career as an 'Administrator' at Skcript. Right from the first day, I did only administration work which did not fulfil my entire day of work. So, I always wanted to learn something new, which in turn will keep me busy.

A Great Platform to learn

Skcript gave an opportunity to learn new things every day. At one stage, I got an opportunity in 'Testing' to enter the tech world. My first project was one of our in-house products, HearApp, a meeting management tool. This encouraged me to interact with everyone in the organization. They guided me to do testing in all possible ways. I'd always love to know every corner of an app and how it really works. therefore, I entered the testing world with full enthusiasm.

My Career in 'Testing'

Basically, I started without having great knowledge of testing. I began with manual testing, which is quite easy to do. And, I was very excited about being the first person to test before the app reaches customers. I tested the product from the customer point of view and provided suggestions to the development team.

As a tester, it is always important to find Bugs in the app. It was pretty cool and interesting. Usually, I feel satisfied only after throwing bugs to the developer 😁

How do I test?

When something new is added to the application, I don't only test the updates but all the features. I also suggest possible ways to build the App in a comfortable way.

Testers play a crucial role in identifying customer needs. That is why I always pay more attention while testing. Even after the product reaches the customer I used to test it frequently to check whether the App runs perfectly.

My Testing journey - post-COVID-19

Lockdown is the turning point, where I moved completely to testing. Now, it becomes the main work. As a tester, I started working with different product teams. It helps me to interact with almost everyone even in this pandemic. I get more updates on the product features every day and test the same.

My future in testing

From my point of view, manual testing is an easy job to start from scratch. I don't use any tools for this specifically. I play a role like a customer instead of a tester.

For far, I have gained a lot of knowledge about testing. I know, this is the basic stage of testing and I would like to move forward and learn a lot of things. The main advantage is that I have gained knowledge about different products and their use cases. I am at a basic level, still, there's a long way to go to be a professional tester.

Wait for the twist, maybe my next blog would be about 'how I entered coding' 😜

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