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How RPA helps public safety and law enforcement in Dubai

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Are deep doubts and intimidating police officers stopping you from stepping into a police station, even if it's just for home security or vehicle inspection requests? Not to forget, bogged by fears and probability that your documents may get missed or forgotten in other clutter, amidst other serious crime issues?

The current way of complaint register, evidence collection, and crime reporting may turn redundant soon. Would you believe if we were to tell you that you can go to a police station and file a complaint without interacting with humans? FACT: It is not a mission impossible! Only in Dubai!!

There is an increase in the crime rates including transport crimes, violent crimes, and drug-related crimes, along with the unprecedented advancement in modern technology and modern terrorism. There's crime under-reporting on the other hand. With Dubai recognized as one of the safest cities in the world, to secure and maintain law and order and make policing more efficient and transparent, the emirate of Dubai launched its first Smart Police Station (SPS) in 2017.

Stay one step ahead of criminals! Thanks to the new bot Cop that has swept the emirate now, citizens and tourists can file all their complaints, report crimes, handle all traffic incidents, and community services through a user-friendly portal. The smart police station with Guinness world record for its innovation offers 27 key services and 33 community services, 24*7, 365 days a year, with personal privacy in 6 languages, and also enhances response time in case of emergencies.

The technological innovation comes with SPS-Express that can be installed in places including parks, airports, and markets, to help the public connect with police officers. It has HD CMOS cameras, night vision, video and audio talk, remote monitor and broadcast with alarm integration, vandal-proof IP65 and IK10 and also various connection modes including 4G LTE and Wi-Fi, according to the official Dubai Police website.

The Dubai Police SPS won the Smart Public Safety Award during the 'Smart City Middle East Awards' by the International Data Corporation (IDC) recently.

Here's the list of what the bot cop can do:

Criminal Services:

The SPS offers criminal services such as home security, victim support, bounced cheque reporting, labor complaints, police eye, filing criminal complaints, police report inquiry, and human trafficking.

Traffic Services:

The bot cop handles traffic services relating to reissuing traffic accidents, traffic status certificates, changing vehicle color, and fine collection.

Certificates and Permits:

Certificates and permits including lost item certificate, food conduct certificate, corpse entry permit, night work permit, road closure permit, clearance certificate, and certificate TWIMC are offered by SPS.

Community Services:

The community services such as Tourist security, events security requests, job vacancies, search of lost items, heart patient service, lost and found items report are handled by bot cops.

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