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How RPA simplifies student onboarding in the Education Industry

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The rising cost of education across the nations with declining completion rates made it all the more important for students to consider which university is worthwhile to attend and forced them to extract as much value as possible during study time. Universities are forced to demonstrate its technological advancement, keeping pace with students' expectations. So what's unique to your educational institution?

According to the report "Digital Enterprise: January 2016" forecasted by World Economic Forum, innovations such as cloud accounting systems and artificial intelligence for automation, among others, will reduce the cost of the finance function by 40%. Isn't it what the educational institutions require today, as they incur huge costs in maintaining academic records and have trouble tracking bills and financial information?

Not to forget, admission time presents itself as a nightmare to all applicants, especially the time-consuming, error-prone, and highly stressful paper-based intimidating processes, with a sizable big applicant pool for educational institutions. It's indeed a lose-lose situation, with a very long manual course registration, shortlisting, and enrolment.

Onboarding in education differs from orientation by the fact that it's an individualized journey where a student is integrated into the community, unlike a one-time cohort level program. Enrolment is just the beginning.

Now, the question of the hour: How do you gauge the success of a student onboarding in an educational institution? Not to mention, what are the top critical challenges in the field?

Attrition Rate

The rising attrition rate globally in the education sector is alarming and hampering the quality of education. It's very critical to overseeing the transition from admission to enrolment, never losing track of each student. RPA provides the institution with the advanced technologies to track and retain the students across years through bots automation.

Back office support

RPA plays a major role in increasing enrolment through the automatic establishment of email and sign-in access for students, and even boosts faculty productivity and research. It is also a time-saving technology for accurate data processing, with proficient data entry, document conversion, scanning and indexing, and data management.

Privacy and compliance of big data

Online legal privacy and regulatory compliance issues with specific country's legislation are diffused with RPA, even with the increasing big data rates. Analysis and report making with rule-based commands is the most important function of bots.

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