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My six week internship at Skcript was nothing short of an amazing experience. From the first e-mail I had received from them regarding my internship application to the last day of my internship, it has been a pleasant, inspiring and fun experience.

On my first day at Skcript, I fell in love with the kind of energy and ambience created in the office. It’s the kind of environment that inspires you to want to work and improve the quality of your work. In my six weeks of internship, they had made me feel welcomed in all the office activities which is a very rare experience for an intern.

My work, responsibilities and the way I was treated at Skcript helped me grow both professionally and personally. During my internship, I was working on one of their amazing projects - UnderstandBetter which is a platform that helps the management keep the employees in their company happy and resolve issues. When I was given the project, I couldn’t really understand the working of it, but after a lot of explanation from Karthik and Swaathi I was able to understand the working of this brilliant AI and was genuinely impressed with the kind of work that Skcript does. Throughout my internship I’d received a lot of help and guidance to complete my project from everyone at Skcript. The criticism was always constructive and only motivated me to do better work.

I had worked with the lead designer, Hareessh. He had patiently guided me throughout the project. He has an interesting style of designing and I learned a lot from him. The office was managed by the co-founders, Karthik and Swaathi, in a very unique style and it was truly a pleasure working for Skcript. Working at Skcript was my for work experience which made the journey extra special and pleasantly surprising in many ways. Thank you Skcript for this amazing opportunity! 😊

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