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Give your startup the online presence it deserves

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So you've decided to startup. Whether it's a product or a service or even a full-on business, having an online presence is important. And when I say online presence, I don't mean social media because your customers aren't going to look you up on Facebook and then get in touch with you - they'll first go to Google, type in your startup's name and if they don't see anything there are chances that they're not going to trust you as much. Everyone trusts Google, so much so that they will believe whatever Google tells them! And worse comes to worst, if there's anything negative about your business there, then it's not going to be very good for you.

Hopefully I've convinced you enough about the importance of having a strong online face for your startup. So how do we get started? Well, let's first start by building a website for you.

Your startup's online home

In this time and age, virtually all types of businesses and startups can use a website to improve their business. Moreover, it'll give your customers a level of trust that nothing else would give.

Making a good website is not that hard - there are a lot of online solutions available or better yet, you can hire a good developer to make sure that you get the website that's best for you.

But there are a few things that you should remember while building your site to make sure that Google likes your site enough to show it at the top. Some important things are,

Original Content Google likes this more than anything else. So while creating content for your site, make sure that you don't just copy off from any other site. So, as far as possible make sure that the content in your landing pages and blogs are original.

Responsive You've to make sure that your site is accessible and usable from the smallest of the mobile devices to a wide screen TV. So, while developing your site make sure that it's accessible from all devices and screen sizes possible.

Strong SEO Game Having good meta tags for your site is important - so for each page of your site you've to make sure that there are good meta tags. This can help all search engines have a good knowledge about your page. Some good, basic meta tags that every page should have are-

<meta charset="utf-8">
<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge,chrome=1">
<meta name="description" content="">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width">

and you can achieve better SEO by using these meta tags.

Google Webmasters

Google provides webmasters where you can control the presence of your site on it's search engine. You can add or remove a page from it's index and see some analytics about why they click on a specific page.

Google Webmasters

It provides specific URL errors and other problems in your pages which you can improve in your site. And you can mention all the structured data on your page which helps Google understand more about your site.

Google Webmasters

And it has much more tools which can be used to improve your site so go get started on webmasters right now!

Google Webmasters

Google Business

Another nifty tool that Google provides is Google Business - this will help you get your business to show up on Google like this,

Google Business

This provides more information about your business to your customers like your address, timings. new posts and much more. You can fine tune all these information to your liking and tell Google how to display these. It also provides good analytics about how people respond to these so that you know whether something is working or not.

Google Business Google Business

So, in conclusion you have to invest your time into making sure that your business is perceived well on search engines - this is good for both your business and your customers as well, or you could let us improve your business for you 😉

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