Introducing Blockchain Business Canvas. Evaluate your blockchain necessity with ease.

Analyze, evaluate and get to know if blockchain is the right solution for you with this Blockchain Business Canvas. A extensive tool while running your Blockchain Business Workshop. Learn more.

Karthik Kamalakannan

Karthik Kamalakannan

Introducing Blockchain Business Canvas. Evaluate your blockchain necessity with ease.

Blockchain is solving some of the age-old problems in the industry. A lot of clients and people in the industry have asked us about the potential use-cases of blockchain in their business, and we've helped them a lot since 2016 using our Blockchain Business Workshops.

We've seen a ton of companies coming up with blockchain solutions these days, and its great for small-scale companies and startups, but we saw that the large-scale enterprises were stuck making the decision to move to blockchain. Since Skcript focuses heavily on enterprise customers, we decided to do something for them, to understand, evaluate and execute a blockchain based solution successfully in their company.

After interacting and piloting the Blockchain Business Workshop concept with over 15 customers, we realized that a lot of companies and their stakeholders know the importance of blockchain, but they are not sure on how they could apply blockchain to their existing business.

To tackle this problem, we decided to build what we call "Blockchain Business Canvas".

Blockchain Business Canvas

Blockchain Business Canvas makes it easy for enterprises to map and analyze the use-cases of blockchain in their organization.

Blockchain Business Canvas (BBC) helps enterprises arrive at specific action points for their blockchain implementation that will change the way they do business.

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