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Introducing BRG, an exclusive Blockchain division at Skcript

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Skcript's research engineers have been playing with blockchain for quite some time and it led us to start our very own group in the office.

Yes, we are very excited to announce a new division in Skcript exclusively dedicated to Blockchain. The new division, BRG will focus on reimagining the supply chain network across multiple sectors. BRG will enable legacy manufacturing and trading industries to do better business.

Just a year ago, BRG was a small research group focusing on Hyperledger, Ethereum and Multichain. It all started with the fever called Cryptocurrency from where our engineers have grown to build a Blockchain network. The growth is noticeable not just by us but by many such that we now have IBM certified Blockchain engineers and contributors to Hyperledger's Composer community.

Our first foray into production grade Blockchain implementation involved an oil transportation and piping conglomerate in Dubai. Our solution aimed to reduce the prevalence of inferior grade pipes being utilised for the transportation of oil across countries. That was when we proved with our work that Blockchain can be implemented in almost all industries and not just industries involving money/currencies.

Skcript remains consistent in providing top quality technology to our clients. With the addition of Blockchain to our umbrella of services, we are excited to keep pushing the industry standards. We remain committed to our values as we embrace our new divisions within the company.

A year ago we identified ourself with AI and now we have taken a step and are identifying ourself with Blockchain and Hyperledgers. Skcript is "Blockchain First".

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